miércoles, agosto 24, 2005

A lot things are happening and without JA :\

Today I apt-get gnome-system-tools and that made my debian-box packgae system were broken for about 30 minutes (my gnome desktop to be more precise), but finally I could repair the dependencies of nautilus and turn it back to the life again and in the 2.10 version, so it was not so bad at all

Tomorrow I'll go the U to talk with the professor of "Lenguajes de Programacion" and watch the posibility of be the ayudante of the class for the next semester, that will be nice by two reasons: 1.- Get paid 2.- Make good relationships with the teachers

Today one big news had been making noise on the internet, and that is the announcement of "Google Talk" the new instant messenger client of google based on the open protocol jabber, so good luck to the google guys for be so anti-MS-style :D

You can add me to your contacts list at felipereyes@NO_SPAM_gmail.com

Listening: the noise of my cpu fan xD

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