viernes, febrero 13, 2009

Awesome window manager

Well, let's see, Awesome is a window manager, but not like metacity, openbox or some other traditional window manager, this one is a tiling WM. I'm using it since about the feb 2008, I started using the 2.3 version, it uses a libconf based configuration file, the Julien Danjou (the author of awesome) started to develop a version that uses a lua based configuration file, so you can program your configuration file, just like emacs with elisp, With zeus, we started to use the git version (aka the development version), and since then I became a little addicted to the behavior of this WM style, it's just I feel it's the way it makes you be productive, especially when you use a lot of terminals connected to ssh to other machines. But sometimes everything becomes so annoying, because all the graphical applications (like gtk or qt based) are made to float in the screen, so when Awesome force the position and the size of the windows some of them are unusable, for example iceweasel when some popup is opened, or evolution (write a email with awesome it really sucks).

So now I'm a little complicated, because I'm writing a gtk-based application (with python) and the application will run on windows machine (and developed on linux, so it's multiplatform) so it must look ok in a traditional window manager, do you have some suggestion to use instead of awesome?

I want something that if I press a keboard shortcut all the windows in the current desktop are organized automatically, something like expose, but not just a preview, the real window.

And finally I want to thank to Julien Danjou for develop Awesome an awesome piece of software show us what you can do when you put a lot of effort.

domingo, enero 11, 2009

change console font

Pretty cool tip, and the terminus font it's a really nice font, currently it's my default font for unicode-rxvt X-terminal, and now for the console :)

sábado, diciembre 27, 2008


git-stash is a really cool command, it let you save a work in progress, for example you are developing a new feature in your application, and still your changes are not ready to do a commit, and you must switch of branch (or another option that requires that indexes are up to date), so what can you do?, easy, just use git-stash it will save your current changes and then will revert to the last commit, then you do what ever you need to do, and when you are ready to back to your work simply use git-stash pop (or you can use the man page to other options)

freyes@yoda:rascase.git$ git stash list
stash@{0}: WIP on rewrite-items: 52cfbe4... [items] registered the new items with gobject
freyes@yoda:rascase.git$ git stash pop
# On branch rewrite-items
# Changed but not updated:
# (use "git add ..." to update what will be committed)
# modified: rascase/
# modified:
no changes added to commit (use "git add" and/or "git commit -a")
Dropped refs/stash@{0} (74b9490b8bf8b22f5b1e687e5c0bc881719f6763)

sábado, diciembre 13, 2008

dlink dir-320 with dd-wrt

My old router after two years of work died, so I used this like a excuse to buy a linux compatible, after a few searches I found the dir-320, It's a broadcom based device, that runs dd-wrt, and like an extra gift it brings a usb port :D, do you imagine the hundreds of possibilities that opens this simple feature.

Well, right, I run a torrent web-based client, a webserver (cherokee rocks, you should give a test), and a lot of things. Still the usb driver is a little buggy, for example my usb key (the old one a kingston data traveler that died mysteriously, and the new one also a kingston) it was not recognized by the kernel, but when I plugged the usb hard drive (it's an ide HD inside a usb enclosure) the kernel detected it, so I installed a few packages.

If you are interested in the firmware that I used, well left it in my router :P

update: I recently installed django, damn it, optware is so fucking good :D

PS: thanks to linuxdiinf for the subdomain.
PS2: guys, the linuxdiinf domain expires in march, so we must start a call for donations.

jueves, diciembre 04, 2008

Python 3.0

Finally is here baby: Python 3.0

I will have to start reading the incompatible changes with 2.6 to write the new code in a compatible way with 3.0 and think when to change my old code to make it compatible with this new and shine piece of software.

viernes, noviembre 21, 2008

Ofertas de Trabajo

Se buscan Linuxeros en Open Fountain


sábado, noviembre 01, 2008

Palm should die

I bought a Kingston SD card of 2 GB, and it does not recognize it.

So if you are thinking in buy a Palm powered device, you should not do it.