lunes, agosto 29, 2005

Llueve ........... solo eso ........... llueve ..............Y AHORA GRANIZAAAA!!!! xD

que eso?, No disponible :P

Now I got the Java virtual machine running on my debian box, it was installed with a package made by me following these instructions

If some debian developer is looking these words (yea right!, dream is free), please put a more updated eclipse package in the repositories of debian sid :D

Today I tested the debian packages available at SoulMachine for Sid of DR17 and simply awesome, the eyecandys that the environment bring to your eyes by default are so allucinating and I don't know how they did the code so faster, because my PC is not a very big machine (Athlon XP 2000+, 160MB ram, 16MB at video, but with Hardware Acceleration [NVIDIA rocks]) and the efects are so nice even when I got firefox, gnome-terminal, gaim, Drivel and Some services running in the background.

Test DR17, It will blow your head xD

Personal Life
With Natalia is everything going OK, we are married now so she is no more my girldfriend, she is now my wonderfull wife :P

By the way, today is monday and was raining a lot at my home.

Listening: Metal Milits - Metallica

PD: the diference between Europe and USA :D

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