jueves, diciembre 27, 2007

Rascase, a very simple tool

I've not talk much about Rascase here, but now i'm gonna explain some things where i am working on.

Rascase is mainly two things, the first one 'is my project degree to obtain my title degree of ingeniero ejecución en computación e informática (aka computer engineer)', and the second one 'is a simple CASE tool for linux to design Entity-Relationship models'.

Currently I am finishing the document to present it for corrections, these are made by a group of designed teachers (correctors teachers), they will return it to me on march (probably at the end of march), then a apply the corrections to the document and then wait for defend my project.
On the software side, rascase currently is less than a drawing program, still there is a lot of things hardcoded, but in february it must be functional tool, a really CASE tool.

Rascase will use the philosophy 'just to use', because the time don't let me develop a complete and powerfull tool like 'powerdesigner' is, but this will be just a stop on the road, i mean this will be just the first release (and i hope not the last to), my expectations are huge :)

A few thecnical details about the technologies involved in the development of the project:

  • The interface is designed using glade (3.4), the are some parts made by code, especially the canvas setup and a minor details.
  • The pattern design is MVC++, a MVC based pattern, defined by Ari Jaaksi (part of the development group of nokia internet tablet n770, n800, n810, and others things inside nokia)
  • The programming language is Python :)
  • Libraries used
    • PyGTK, nothing to say about this :P
    • PyODF, a python library to make documents with OpenDocument Format, i'm using it to generate the data dictionaries in ODT format
    • PyGoocanvas, the bindings of goocanvas, and this is a canvas library is based in cairo

  • The source code is managed using git, the great distributed version control system

A shot of the curently state of rascase, just a functional interface without logical code. (aka mockup of prototype :P)

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Gotencool dijo...

Esta muy buena la GUI de tu aplicación, no la había visto.
Que bueno que hayas avanzado tanto, le vamos a echar una miradita a esas librerías, se ven interesantes.