domingo, diciembre 02, 2007

Emacs recargado

I'm still fascinated with the power of Emacs, it's amazing how a big group of hackers (real hackers)could develop a wonderful multi purpose tool, especially oriented to programming tasks.

The key of emacs is elisp, a functional programming language (I really hate the functional languages, but this one it is not a pain-in-the-ass like SML).

I didn't read any elisp book or tutorial, but i could made some customizations of my environment, especially with the help of jonathan (a member of the rizoma-devel crew) and emacswiki.

Today i started to improve emacs for develop python scripts, and this is the result

That is a shot of a python script evaluated (at write-time) with pylint

Now if you are developing software, probably you will need the api documentation, wel with emacs you can have the python help embedded in the main window, so if you are on a word with simple customizable shortcut you can display it like in the image:

There are another tricks that I applied to my .emacs file, i'll let them available in some website soon.

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