jueves, marzo 20, 2008

Will i see this some day?

Will we see this here in Chile?

bikes parkedBikes parked at the Hague central station (i think is berlin, am not sure), taken by hpjansson

Yesterday, in a tv show (at red tv) were talking about the pollution, and hector precht said that nobody want to ride a bike, that the fact is that everybody is buying cars, so if there is too much traffic the solution is build a flying highway and under that a flying train. Well i only going to say: What the fuck is wrong with you people?. The quality of life here in santiago is awful, do you want to make it even worse?, come on, drive a car is sweet 'sometimes', when you drive a car you _must_ think in the consequences of the act, like the pollution, the expensive energy, and all the bad things related to this.

please politicians, you must define guidelines to improve the quality of life in the long term, not just fix with patches the bugs, you must design the city from here to 50 or even 100 years. because with the current style of development we are gonna be a city that must be crossed if your are lucky in a day (remember that everybody is buying houses at peripheral places (like quilicura, lampa, buin, san bernardo) and also buying cars to move in the city spending hours inside the car.

currently i am using a fucking black hat :D do you what i mean?

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