martes, febrero 26, 2008

Rizoma has a new home!

The new home of rizoma is savannah, we moved the project from chileforge, because the lack of a version control system distinct of cvs (we were using a private server with subversion for a few months, thanks zeus) and the apparently lack of support to the forge software. This movement will make us loose some things, like the Chilean aspect of the project (the most important currently), but we will win some technical stuffs that will let us do our work with a little more of comfort.

At savannah we are the codenamed rizoma project and we are using the git repo, the mailing list ( and, when we release the next version will start working the bugs tracking system and some other stuffs.

We hope to recruit some developers, documentation writers and a graphical designer, so if you want to enjoy developing a simple point of sale software (current version is gpl2, but the next one will be gpl3) plesae join us a IRC (irc:// #rizoma) and/or the mailing lists.

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