jueves, febrero 07, 2008

The future ... ?_?

Well, currently my future is a little complicated, first of all i'm running against the time to finish the implementation of my project degree, it will be frustrating not having a almost functional software when march starts, but i'm a little tired of my project degree, i don't know the reason, probably it's just the lack of formal vacations.

The second trouble, that is in second place in the queue, is get real and formal job, a paid one of course, here in Chile there is a lot of opportunities in the field of computers engineering, but none of the them is exciting for my interests, the main fields where i can get a job are:

  • Software development, there are two kinds of development here, customized software from scratch, or generic software with a few tweaks to make it works. at first sounds interesting, but most of the developments are with .NET (not mono, just Microsoft) and Java (not iced tea nor , just the sun's implementation), so like an open source enthusiast if i have to choose between these options, i prefer Java. Of course there are other technologies used by the developers, like PHP (4 or 5), a little of ruby on rails, cobol mainly for legacy systems, but one of my biggest troubles is that i really suck in web-based software development, it's just complicated to me, i don't know how to organize a web that must be an application and not just a home style website. Well that's on the tech side, but in the human side, the software developers are like garbage, the enterprises are not interested in have
  • Systems administration, this job i dont like, you work under constant pressure, you are like the rare of the company (no ofense, but is how the others look the sysadmin), it's not a job where you can climb in the scale of power inside if the company, probably you can became the boss of the department, but nothing else, the manager will never ask you how to aern money :P
  • Consulting, this job is less technical than the others, you need to be more polite, there is a lot documents to write, reports and other things, but you can have a large projection, it' a well paid job, but this one does not fit my skills, i am not good with the reports, am just good enough to be an engineer
  • Support, it's like an external sysadmin (IMO), the pressure is high, unless you work for a company that cares about his employees (i know people working in oracle, on support, and they are happy with the job, but still does not have the load of a year of work), with this work you must turn off your imaginations and just follow the standard procedures, because the improvisations could cost you the job if the the solutions fails.
  • PYME, i always said that i like to work inside a PYME, because you must do a little of everything, but with time i realize that this have complications, because they just want the systems working, if you want to use a super-technologie, but the current is working probably the will say 'no, thanks', so its frustrating and lacks of climb positions of powers (and of course earn more money)
so, am still thinking about it :-\

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