sábado, agosto 09, 2008

How to start with emacs [0]

Before I could really be productive with emacs, I failed a couple of times, because I knew that emacs were powerful, but the default configuration shows you a simple text editor that look awful, without syntax highlight, without anti-alias, a color schema that really sucks.

In GNU/Linux (to not piss off rms xD)I was never found a really nice (text) editor, because all the available suck at some point (even emacs sucks sometime, but suck less than the rest :P), so when I met zeus lead me in the first steps giving me some elisp tips, I could start swimming by myself and improving my emacs configuration file, and even teaching some tips to the mentor :P.

So I will start a series of articles of how to start with emacs, especially giving the recipes (elisp code) of how to obtain the desired behavior.

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