miércoles, mayo 28, 2008

We are in the backyard of the world

Well, that's an old news, but really we are in the backyard of the world.

Our neighbors from argentina are organizing the debconf8 (debian conference 8), the have put a lot of effort, first to win like hosts for debconf8 and then to build the conference at mar del plata, but there is a lot of debian developers that live in USA and Europe

Debian developers location

So for them it will be so much expensive get the tickets to argentina, I don't how many debian devs will miss the debconf, but the topic of the month at debian planet is 'to go or not go to debconf', it's a shame really, because conferences like this usually are made at usa or europe (at those countries is movement :P).

And finally our fucking local enterprises doesn't care sponsorship an event like this one, so give money for tickets is really complicated.

Good luck debconf8 team ;)

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