jueves, abril 10, 2008

What is to be a reall hacker these days?

This is something that i been thinking, and it's really hard give an answer.

The oldschool hackers (aka 50's to 80's hackers, at least for me those are real old school hackers, pre-internet boom!) says that part of be a real one is build your own tools, and i completely agree with that, but with the Internet era a new style apply to the FLOSS world, and this is 'do not reinvent the wheel', so these days probable we must say 'a real hacker builds their own tools when there is no tools, but if already there is one, the real hacker joins the development team to make an even better tool'.

This is the free software times, so we must learn how to work in community, because using this methodology we can build nice tools in less time than doing it by ourselves, so it's absurd do not this strategy.

I think the unique case where you must build your own tool from scratch (a tool that already exists) is when all the options sucks, will suck always, unless you rewrite it completely.

This is my opinion :D

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